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"My Company, Construction Collection Specialists, has had a working relationship with Parker Law Firm since 2002.  John and his team has always provided excellent legal services, professionally, effectively and in a timely manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend John Parker's firm to any company in need of legal expertise."

  ~  Debbie Nute, Phoenix AZ

"My Company, Instant Settle Consultants, has had a working relationship with Parker Law Firm since 2013. John always provides superior legal services to the clients I refer to him.

Mr. Parker is extremely professional, diligent, highly ethical, and very organized.

I would not hesitate to recommend Parker Law Firm to any company or consumer in need of legal services."

  ~  Cindy H, Phoenix, AZ

"Our office has had a relationship with Parker Law Firm for many years, the reasons for which are many. John and his staff genuinely care about the success of each matter, no matter the complexity. For us, John and his right-hand man, Robert Thompson, are not only our business partners, but have become true friends.  Our company and our clients continue to trust John's extensive legal experience and we have yet to be disappointed.  Through honest and direct communication, John is very thorough; our clients have an understanding and comfort that all matters referred are handled in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Quick response is what we expect from legal counsel and that is exactly what Parker Law Firm delivers!

  ~  RF, Levy Diamond Bello & Associates LLC, Milford, CT

"From the moment I contacted Parker Law Firm I knew I found the right Attorney to represent me.  Honesty, knowledge of law, and relaxed environment sold me from the beginning.  Settling out of court saved me thousands.  Thank  you Parker Law.  I highly recommend potential clients visit with you!

  ~  Scott McLaine, Xtreme Media Marketing, Scottsdale, AZ

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